The simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror Pro

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All bathrooms are not created equal. I recently moved into a beautiful 1930’s historical home in the heart of Beverly Hills, which is filled with charm and unique architectural features. One thing I had to sacrifice was a well-lit bathroom, which for me was a huge sacrifice considering how meticulous I am with my skincare and makeup regimen. I was almost about to forgo this gem of a home due to the lack of natural light in the master bath, until I realized I could have it all (okay, almost.)

Enter the simplehuman wide view sensor mirror pro, which literally allowed me to move into my dream home knowing that I could have a perfectly lit way to do my makeup, and beyond.

Much more than just a mirror, this vanity staple has super-smart features including up to 10x magnification and brilliant LEDs that turn on when you approach it. The brightness level is adjustable, or you can select from pre-set and programmable options to get a clear view of your make-up in any light. The 10x magnification really comes in handy when plucking pesky stray eyebrow hairs, and the three panels help when wanting to see myself at all angles. And with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, my bathroom counter is still cable-free (my pet peeve!)

My favorite feature of the wide view sensor mirror pro is the simplehuman app.  The mirror is WiFi enabled and has it’s own smart-phone app for even more customizable features. One of the coolest features is the option to set a timer, so if you’re in a rush and you want to be notified when it’s time to stop perfecting your smokey eye, it will blink to let you know. Whether I am going to a dimly lit restaurant or a party in the direct sunlight (there’s 50,000 options to choose from on the app, and you can program your most-frequented places like the office), I no longer have to worry about how my makeup will fair in those diverse (and unpredictable) lighting conditions.

I’d recommend the mirror to anyone who wants to see themselves in the best light.

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