My New Ritual

Take one walk down the vitamin aisle and you’re bound to become instantly overwhelmed and confused. So many options, yet no clear guidance of which one is the best for you, as a woman. When you pick a bottle up and scroll down the ingredient list, you become even more perplexed.

In comes Ritual, a brand new company that is solving every girl’s dilemma in the vitamin aisle (and the best part about it is, you don’t even have to walk down the aisle and commit to a brand you know nothing about.)

Unlike most other vitamin brands, everything in the Ritual Essential for Women multivitamin can be clearly identified and even traced back to its origin.

So, what’s actually in a Ritual vitamin? Vitamin K2, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, boron, iron, vitamin E, magnesium, folate and omega-3.

Why those specific ingredients you ask? When Ritual looked at the thousands of studies and research available on multivitamins,  researched showed that the average woman in the US does not get enough of these nine ingredients. And that’s because a lot of these aren’t found in a typical multivitamin you’ll see in a grocery store.

The ingredients in Essential for Women can be consumed by everyone—even those who are vegan, gluten-free, or soy-intolerant. Every capsule is non-GMO and completely free of synthetic fillers and colorants. Vitamins for everyone!

Following the trendy (and super convenient) subscription model, Ritual is currently offered only on a subscription basis. For $30 a month, you’ll receive a monthly shipment straight to your door.