My Skincare Secret of 2016

As many of you know, I have always been a huge beauty buff and skincare fanatic. With all of the events I go to and photoshoots I do for the blog, I am constantly getting my makeup done. I was starting to feel like my skin was becoming affected by the constant makeup applications, so when a good makeup artist friend told me about her new skincare secret, I was super intrigued.

My makeup artist brought me to a private event at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, where I was introduced to Dara Levy, the beautiful founder of a company called DERMAFLASH. I was almost instantly sold on whatever she was selling, because her skin was absolutely glowing and flawless. I was soon taking off my makeup and sitting in the chair to have my very first DERMFLASH treatment.

DERMAFLASH was created by Dara, who owned a popular medspa in Chicago frequented by many famous faces. One of Dara’s breakthrough treatments at the spa was called DERMAFLASH, a unique twist on the concept of dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin. Dara wanted women all over the world to experience the results of DERMAFLASH, so she decided to create an at-home solution.

DERMAFLASH is an easy, painless way to deeply exfoliate skin and remove peach fuzz, which helps you achieve healthy, radiant, and younger-looking skin.

All of my questions and concerns were debunked quickly after my first treatment that day at The Peninsula. Would my peach fuzz grow back thicker and darker? No, it never did. Would it hurt? No, it actually felt pretty good! Would I break out? No, my skin was actually brighter and clearer after just one treatment. 

I am now a DERMAFLASH addict. I use the device once a week, which has allowed my makeup and skincare products to go on much smoother, not knowing that my little peach fuzz was getting in the way of flawless makeup application (which comes in handy when I filming or shooting video/photos with super high-def cameras!) It also allowed me to go makeup free on days where I can give my skin a break, and my skin surprisingly looks clear and glowing without a stitch of makeup on, thanks to DERMAFLASH.

Since that one day a couple months ago, I have turned all of my female friends and family members onto DERMAFLASH. Everyone is so impressed by the visible results and can’t thank me enough for the recommendation.

With the holidays fast approaching, this is my go-to gift for the girls in my life who have yet to try it because it is perfect for any woman, regardless of age, ethnicity, or skin type. No stress about it almost being Christmas, because from now until 12/25,  DERMAFLASH is 30% off, plus free shipping, and also has e-gift cards for the super last minute gift buyers!

Get ready for your skin to change forever…