Color of the Year: Nude

Blush was the color of 2016. We saw it on the runway, in accessories, and definitely in the home. It was a feminine color that was given a modern twist, so that those with aesthetic penchants of all forms, from traditional to minimal, I am hailing it as the color of the moment. Well, blush now has a close relative as is its successor.

Nude, I would describe is somewhere between beige and blush. The color of sand, bleached oak or natural minerals – it refers me to the groundedness of the earth. I love that it comes in a few different shades and variations for interpretation: a little lighter, a little darker, nude’s best quality is that it isn’t exact.

Now that I am preparing for an upcoming move, I am spending endless hours drawing inspiration online for color schemes and decor ideas. I found this beautiful nude-themed bedroom and fell in love with the overall feel. I’ve found that nude looks best with metallics. However, whether you choose brass or nickel, it’s best to stick to one to keep the design super sophisticated.