Clive Christian Fragrance

caitlyn chase clive christian

I was first introduced to Clive Christian whilst sitting at my mother’s vanity as a teenager. I was playing around with the beautiful fragrance bottles displayed so perfectly on her counter, atop an ornate mirrored tray. I would spray each on my wrist, trying to decide which I envisioned being my “signature scent.” I reached for one particularly intricate bottle, with its gold crown topper glistening from the bright vanity lights. Before I could douse myself in it, I heard my mom yell, “No, please! Not that one!” I knew I had struck gold, literally.

I asked my mom, why, out of all of the bottles on the countertop, this one was so untouchable. She went on to explain the history of Clive Christian, and how this bottle, No. 1, was her most cherished fragrance.

This British Perfume House was first established 135 years ago by Queen Victoria when she gave her crown to the perfumery in 1872, as a symbol of utmost quality and excellence.

In 1999, Clive Christian took over one of the oldest British perfume houses, The Crown Perfumery. Reviving it’s original values, he created pure perfumes in complex formulas with the most precious natural ingredients like Indian jasmine, Tahitian vanilla, and carnation. The vision led to the creation of a collection of perfumes, including Imperial Majesty, which is recognized as the world’s most expensive perfume.

Now, more than ten years years later, I have my own personal assortment (and personal signature scent.) Bottles of Clive Christian are now sitting on my own countertop, such as the Original Collection’s “VII perfume” Private Collection’s “C perfume”.

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