2018 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

January 1st is here, and we are all expected to make major transformations in our lives. We are all probably guilty of wanting to look more beautiful than ever before, so it’s perfectly normal to want to make major face and body overhauls as we enter 2018. It will be hard enough trying to stay away from carbs and sugar and workout seven days a week, so I will be choosing beauty resolutions that are realistic and doable. Here are 8 New Year’s beauty resolutions that are easy to resolve.

Resolution: Wear SPF Every Day

If you’re going to have only one beauty resolution this year, it should be to wear sunscreen every day. Regularly wearing sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and the premature signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

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Resolution: Rotate Your Mascara Every 3 Months

Eliminate the risk of bacteria growth on your mascara brushes, which can even result in serious eye infections, by changing your mascara every 3 months.

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Resolution: Clean Your Makeup Brushes Daily

Not only will you be preventing breakouts from the bacteria on your brushes, you’ll find that your makeup will apply much better too.

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Resolution: Use Eye Cream at Night

From the age of 25, every woman should be using an eye cream every day to improve circulation and keep the delicate skin around the eyes hydrated.

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Resolution: Beauty from the Inside Out

I believe beauty starts from the inside out, so this year I have resolved to take a multivitamin every day. I found an amazing multivitamin for women which has all of the essential vitamins and minerals we need to ensure we glow from the inside out – from our hair, to our skin, to our nails.

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Resolution: Organize Your Beauty Products

I love being able to find what I am looking for in a quick snap, and not have to rummage around a disorganized drawer or cosmetic bag. I have found that keeping my beauty products organized not only keeps me sane, but is aesthetically quite pleasing for my countertop.

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Resolution: Get Enough Sleep

Of course, nothing looks and feels better than actually sleeping for the recommended seven to eight hours. But beyond that, your skin regenerates at night, so you might as well give it enough time to do it’s work!

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Resolution: Take Care of Your Hair

Whether you color treat your hair or not, everyone’s locks can use a good deep conditioning every now and then. I have resolved to do a hair mask once a week to keep my hair shiny and smooth.

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